Delta Pocket

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Delta Pocket is a series of Analogue Pocket-inspired GBC+GBA controller skins for the iOS Delta Emulator.

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  • Hides the notch or dynamic island
  • Portrait and landscape modes for all Editions
  • Ergonomic button positioning
  • Combo Buttons: Tap between any two face buttons to press both of them (or in the center for R+B)
  • Quick Save, Turbo, and Quick Load buttons

Important: Delta Pocket does not support iPads or iPhone models with home buttons.

Delta Pocket

  • Comes in 8 classic solid color finishes
  • Includes (un)Limited Editions: Black, White, Neon Matrix, and Glow

Delta Pocket Plus

  • Unlocks the 12 Editions in Delta Pocket and…
  • An additional set of Special Edition designs inspired by beloved game series and hardware: Hero, Brother, Spark, Dex, Itsumi, Dreamy, NTSC, PAL, FUNBOY, FAMI, Classic White, Classic Black, DP–12, Varia, Speedster, and Glacier.

Transparent Editions

  • An additional set of beautiful and painstakingly crafted Transparent Editions in 7 stunning colors; Clear Purple, Clear, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Clear Orange, Clear Black, and Clear Green.
  • Additional Special Editions: Clear Pink, Crystal, ARAN, Shadow Ball, and Glacier

Terms of Use

These skins are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or modified. Distribution of derivative works is not permitted.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can find me on Mastodon or Threads @seanfletchr.

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Delta Duo


Delta Pocket


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Delta Pocket

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